Curbside Recycling

The following is an outline of how to prepare your curbside recycling. Some recyclable materials require preparationbefore they can be picked up by Cando Recycling and Disposal. By following these instructions for each recyclableproduct below, you are insuring that your recyclable items are processed appropriately and safely. Items not outlinedbelow are not collected at the curbside but may be dropped off to the Johnson Road transfer station.

Aluminium & Tin Can .jpg

Aluminium & Tin Can (Blue Bin)

  • Rinsed clean with paper labels removed
  • No Aerosol cans
  • Do not put into plastic bags

GLASS BOTTLES AND JARS (Red Bin; not to exceed 35 lbs.)

  • All color glass is accepted.
  • Lids/corks/tops removed.
  • Rinsed clean.
  • NO light bulbs, mirrors, dishware or window glass.
  • NO BROKEN GLASS for the safety of our personnel.
  • NOT in a 20-32 gallon garbage can for the safety of our personnel.
Mixed Waste Paper.jpg

Mixed Waste Paper (White Bin)

  • Newspaper.
  • Junk mail, Magazines catalogs, office paper and paper cartons.
  • (cereal boxes etc which must be flattened)
  • No plastic coated paper, milk cartons or food packaging.
  • No food on paper.
  • Must be placed in a paper grocery bag or similar. (no plastic bags)


  • Bottles of any color.
  • Milk jugs.
  • Must be rinsed of all residues.
  • All must be flattened and the lid reattached to save space.
  • No plastic tubs, plastic bags, film plastics, black plastics or+ oil/antifreeze bottles.
  • Not in a plastic bag of any sort; use any reusable container not exceeding 32 gallons.
Corrugated Cardboard.jpg

Corrugated Cardboard

  • Broken down and flattened (not stepped on) and bundled with tape or string.
  • Must not exceed 2-ft x 3-ft x 1-ft.
  • Large boxes must be cut down to size.
  • No waxed cardboard.
  • Must be set on ground next to recycle bin.

Recycling Rules

  • Cardboard must be flattened and cut to size (2 foot by 3 foot by 1 foot maximum). Larger quantities can be delivered to the transfer station per the County Unified Fee Schedule.
  • Cans and bottles must be rinsed and free of any food residue; plastic bottles must have lids removed.
  • NO plastic bags.
  • If a recycling bin contains more than 5% contamination, the bin will not be picked up. The customer will then be given the option of removing the contamination or having the item picked up as garbage on the customer’s next day of curbside service.